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Wizard of Oz Russian Nesting Dolls, 5 PC Hand Crafted Wooden Stacking Matryoshka Egg Gift Set

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Wizard of Oz Collectible 5 Piece Nesting Doll
Wizard of Oz nesting doll
Wizard of Oz nesting doll

A Collectible Nesting Doll and Part of American History

The nesting doll features hand painted original characters of “The Wizard of Oz”.

This is a highly collectible nesting doll set because it features the original characters in the original costumes.

This nesting doll is a great and a memorable gift for anyone. Carefully open the largest doll to reveal other pieces of this authentic and unique collection.

  • Hand crafted out of lime wood, water colors, clear water-based lacquer
  • The set consists of 5 Pieces featuring legendary characters of Wizard of Oz
  • The largest nesting doll is about 5.75 inches tall
  • Makes a great gift for anyone and any occasion
  • Includes a beautiful glossy teal colored gift box
  • Features Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Dorothy

 Made with Clean Materials and Water-Based Paint and Lacquer

Wizard of Oz 5 piece nesting doll

Exclusive Hand-Painted Images Reproduced on Each Nesting Doll

wizard of oz nesting doll

This Nesting Doll will Last for Many Generations

Wizard of Oz nesting doll

Our New Nesting Doll is Improved and Comes with a Beautiful Gift Box

wizard of oz nesting doll

This Will Be a Memorable Gift for Anyone

Wizard of Oz nesting doll

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